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Real brides by Hollywood Beauty: Featuring Gayle

This is one of my favorite pieces, this was my first bride that did the ‘First Look’

I had never heard of this before until Gayle had asked me if this is something I could do, we discussed all of this at the trial it meant a little earlier start and getting the bride done first so she go off with the photographer and meet her hubby to be for their ‘First Look’ photo they had planned in Glendalough. And then come back after for any touch ups needed. 

Gayle was having her ceremony in the Tinakilly House hotel in Wicklow. I arrived early at 8am and did Gayles makeup first, hair was already done. 

Then when she left at 9am dress and all on I started with Mum and 3 bridesmaids. She was back by 12 for any hair and Makeup touch ups before the big moment down the isle at 2pm. 

We had such an exciting morning and it was an adrenaline pumping kind of morning with plenty of laughs. It was lovely to see her getting ready and so happy to head off to meet her fiancée, like a kid in a candy shop. 

Since Gayles wedding I have had the pleasure of doing her makeup and tan for many more special occasions. 

I did Gayles spray tan for her 2 days prior to the wedding day and this was good as I knew which foundation I would use. 

For Gayles makeup we kept it very simple and elegant, starting with Nars Sheerglow foundation we did a light base as Gayle still wanted to see her natural beautiful freckles  through and keeping in with Gayles natural the warm tones. 

For the eyes we used a burned orange eyeshadow and dark brown on the outer corner, a soft yellow gold on the lid with a small flick of liner, Gayle is a big fan of the liner. We used individual eyelashes - medium length all the way across. 

A soft peach blush and soft and highlighter was MAC ‘soft & gentle’.  Use eyeliner in the water line, and for lips MAC Whirl liner and MAC Blankety lipstick. 

I love sharing these first look images with you guys. If people are unsure if the first look, I find it kind of cool. It just gives the bride and groom a bit of intimate time alone without everyone around watching!


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